We are so grateful to have EnFuse Team on board, they had helped us in moments where we needed it the most, always giving us the best service in a quicker and adaptable manner. We highly recommend their services.

Operations Manager

at a Media & Technology Consultancy Firm

EnFuse Solutions have been one of our KPO vendors for the last couple of years. They have been helping us on various requirements, and so far have produced some great results across these projects. They are diligent, proactive and very metrics driven team. They have been hitting the targets consistently and have provided us some great recommendations in improving the efficiency of overall process by two-folds. Their management hold recurring feedback gathering meetings/calls and ensure to implement actions as per timelines. Overall a great support!


of an Applied AI and Machine Learning software and services company

The Team EnFuse services are so critical to our growth and success. The impressive support we receive has provided us with the ability to scale. Team EnFuse is extremely responsive and very pleasant to work with and we highly recommend their team and their services.

Chief Administrative Officer & Senior Vice President of Products

at a leading Web Publishing Company from North America

Thank you, team for your effort. As always, you guys have done a great job in a very short period of time with a good understanding of process knowledge.

Director, Program Management

at a Global Technology, Fortune 500 Firm

EnFuse is a reliable partner to work with – Delivery-focused, highly efficient, and excellent value adds. This partnership is for the long term.

Sr. Director, Product Management

at a Global Technology, Fortune 500 Firm

Hello team,

I looked at the reviewing activity report, and this past week, we have benefited from almost 10k reviews from your team with an average duration of more than 100 minutes.

This means that during this week, a million minutes of exam sessions have been reviewed! I think it is quite a number to celebrate!

Thank you and your whole team for the collaboration. I am repeating myself, but it is a pleasure to work with you.

Service Delivery Manager

Leading Proctoring Platform

“Hi Team,

This is a note of thanks for last Friday’s exams with the new client EBO.

We had a feedback meeting this morning with them, and they were really happy with the service provided by the proctors and the technical support.

They highlighted how polite our proctors were and how they helped the candidates go through the exam. After this experience, they will continue running exams with ProctorExam.

A big thanks to all the team for the good job last Friday.”

Implementation Project Manager


On behalf of the team, we appreciate each member of the EnFuse team for their unwavering efforts on Logitech’s project. The team’s efforts and communication were on point most of the time. The taggers team did a great job at meeting the deadlines/targets while ensuring the quality of the tagging was maintained from both the logo and text front.
We thank the entire EnFuse team for their hard work and support throughout this project.

Senior ML Manager, Growth Team

at an Analytics Solutions Company

Thanks for all the efforts and hard work you have put into this project. Without your support, we could have not finished one important aspect of our project. I really appreciate your endeavors.

Senior ML Engineer

at an Analytics Solutions Company

“I also wanted to provide feedback on the quality of tagging work done in the past few months. We haven’t observed a single tagging error or problem and the velocity was also mostly on track, given the fewer number of people we were working with. The EnFuse team has been very supportive in considering our ad hoc requests and coordinating with our team members while managing the tagging work effectively. Thank you for the good work, and hope it continues as we scale again!”

Senior Business Analyst

at an Analytics Solutions Company

EnFuse exceeded our expectations when we entrusted them with a special project. Their commitment to timely updates, exceptional quality work, and remarkable turnaround times truly distinguished them from other vendors and even our internal team. I recommended to our senior management that we assign this new special project to the EnFuse team without hesitation.

Seller Onboarding Manager

at a Retail eCommerce Brand