Digital Asset Management (DAM)

AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) includes a powerful digital asset management (DAM) system that allows organizations to manage, organize, and deliver digital assets such as images, videos, and documents. AEM DAM provides a centralized repository for storing and managing digital assets, which can be accessed by content authors, marketers, and other stakeholders to create engaging digital experiences.

AEM DAM is a powerful tool for organizations that want to manage and deliver engaging digital assets as part of their overall digital experience strategy. It provides a centralized repository for managing assets, powerful search and discovery capabilities, and a range of delivery options to ensure that assets are delivered in the right format and context.

EnFuse Solutions offers services related to Digital Asset Management (DAM), which is a system used to manage digital assets, such as images, videos, and documents, in a centralized location. EnFuse Solutions’ DAM services include:

DAM Implementation: EnFuse Solutions can help organizations implement a DAM system and set up a customized environment that meets their specific needs, including integrations with other systems.

DAM Migration: EnFuse Solutions can assist organizations with migrating their existing digital assets to a new DAM system, ensuring that all assets are properly organized and tagged for easy retrieval.

DAM Metadata and Taxonomy Management: EnFuse Solutions can help organizations manage metadata and taxonomy in their DAM system, ensuring that all digital assets are properly categorized and tagged for easy search and retrieval.

DAM Workflow Automation: EnFuse Solutions can help organizations automate workflows in their DAM system, including approvals, version control, and distribution, to improve efficiency and collaboration.

DAM Training: EnFuse Solutions provides training and guidance to help organizations make the most of their DAM system’s features and capabilities, including best practices for asset management and organization.

Overall, EnFuse Solutions’ DAM services can help organizations streamline their digital asset management processes, improve collaboration, and optimize their use of digital assets to drive business growth and customer satisfaction.

Case Studies

Client Success Stories


Insurance Document Rectification

A leading supplemental insurance provider in the United States

Video Tagging and Attribution for TV Commercials

A leading TV ad analytics and insights provider based out of North America
Proctoring Service – Live, Recorded & Chat Support

EDM – eCommerce Product Data Improvement

An experienced design leader in lighting, furniture & decor items for home & office needs from North America.
Image Tagging Service provider Enfuse Solutions

Image Tagging & Review

Leading commercial goods provider in the Northern United States
Speech to Text, Enfuse Solutions

Speech to Text

Leading bank in the financial sector
Web Product Data Extraction Enfuse Solutions

Web Product Data Extraction

Creates lighting solutions for controlled environment commercial crop production with global presence.

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