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Businesses that try to be “great at everything” often lose sight of what differentiates them from their competition and makes them special. In the process, they spend a lot of time and money recruiting, hiring, and managing teams just to be “good enough” at most of what they do and in the worst case, potentially lose their strategic competitive advantage altogether. The administrative burden alone to manage employee churn on teams that are not a part of your strategic core can make you feel like a staffing company rather than a provider of products or services.

EnFuse Solutions works in close collaboration with executives and business process owners to identify opportunities to scope, pilot, and then quickly and flexibly ramp up outcomes-focused managed services teams. We also help prioritize the creation of teams that execute business processes that enable your business to scale quickly to capitalize on opportunities to accelerate growth with new and existing clients. Taking these processes off your plate helps you optimize your profit and focus on delivering your brand promise.

We have the in-depth knowledge required to enhance your organization’s infrastructure and workflow and help you handle the future technology demands of a remote workforce while offering 24/7 support.

Types of Managed Services/Outcomes Services

We collaborate to make your products smarter, customer experience remarkable, your team more efficient and your projects more profitable.

Contact Center and Cognitive Business

Our Contact Center & Cognitive Business practice area is one of our core Managed Services offerings. With 20+ years of experience managing contact centers for our clients, we excel at delivering high first-time resolution (FTR) metrics and strong measurable business impacts. We collaborate with our clients to create efficient and intelligent contact centers that optimize the balance of human expertise and technology.

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Business Process Consulting and Execution

Best Annotation Services provider in Mumbai

Through our industry expertise and world-class technology, we help businesses enhance their enterprise functions which help make their organization’s workflow effective, efficient, and flexible – adapting to the ever-changing business environment. This ensures faster project delivery, elimination of potential failures, reduced operating costs, and rapid scalability to capitalize on future changes and opportunities.

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Customer Engagement Services

In the digital era, the concept of customer engagement is much more complex and goes beyond the mundane payment reminders and outage alerts. At EnFuse, we help businesses build a customer-centric marketing model that enables them to engage with their customers across touchpoints, channels, and devices. We help them implement the right technology to engage customers throughout their journey, thereby offering a seamless brand experience across channels.

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Best Annotation Services provider in Mumbai

At EnFuse Solutions, we help organizations streamline their mundane business processes through efficient back-office services. Whether you need help with data entry or billing and coding, we can help you with all administrative work, ensuring that there is no backlog and real-time information is always available. This gives your team more time to focus on business-critical tasks that drive revenue. Our customized back-office services are designed to suit individual business needs and simplify process-driven and manpower-intensive business operations.

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Case Studies

Client Success Stories


Insurance Document Rectification

A leading supplemental insurance provider in the United States

Video Tagging and Attribution for TV Commercials

A leading TV ad analytics and insights provider based out of North America
Proctoring Service – Live, Recorded & Chat Support

EDM – eCommerce Product Data Improvement

An experienced design leader in lighting, furniture & decor items for home & office needs from North America.
Image Tagging Service provider Enfuse Solutions

Image Tagging & Review

Leading commercial goods provider in the Northern United States
Speech to Text, Enfuse Solutions

Speech to Text

Leading bank in the financial sector
Web Product Data Extraction Enfuse Solutions

Web Product Data Extraction

Creates lighting solutions for controlled environment commercial crop production with global presence.

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of an Applied AI and Machine Learning software and services company

We are so grateful to have EnFuse Team on board, they had helped us in moments where we needed it the most, always giving us the best service in a quicker and adaptable manner. We highly recommend their services. Read More

Operations Manager

at a Media & Technology Consultancy Firm

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