Data Types

Businesses can now get the most out of their data with our comprehensive solutions for data management, analytics, and decision support services. With the rise in the volume of data flowing from different sources – customers, products, sales, and vendors – it has become imperative for businesses to efficiently manage and maintain their data and then leverage analytics and software to make decisions and take actions to affect desired business outcomes.

At EnFuse Solutions, we help businesses improve the accuracy, integrity, and quality of their data. We leverage technology to help clients scale and provide ongoing support to ensure data is available in real-time to expedite critical business decisions and accelerate growth.

We help organizations seamlessly integrate, transform, and improve their data via superior data integration and master data management discipline and processes that offer exceptional governance and control. So, whether you are looking for end-to-end data management services or digital analytics & reporting support we are here to help.

Different Data Type Services

  • Product Data Services

    We offer omnichannel end-to-end product data management services that provide real-time product information to all relevant departments within an organization. We cater to more than 1 million product data points every month, which help organizations to track data consistently and accurately as they scale their business. Our product data services include data profiling, data cleansing & standardization, data quality, data classification, data enrichment, data integration, data governance & stewardship, and product attribute management.

  • Vendor Data Services

    We provide integrated vendor data management services to help businesses store, organize, and access vendor/supplier data from a single platform. From routine cleansing of old/duplicate entries to a consistent naming convention, we offer a complete solution including customer validation, order management, data cleansing, purchase order (PO) verification, data enrichment, and partner payment management.

  • Customer Data Services

    We can help enhance your customer relationships and boost sales by cleansing, enriching, and standardizing data into a single centralized database that offers a 360⁰ view of your customers. We have the skills and expertise required to work on a wide range of CRM systems. We offer organizations expansive customer data management services that include data quality, data integration and ETL, data profiling, data enrichment & standardization, data governance & stewardship, lead management, lead routing, data warehousing and structure, etc.

  • Sales Data Services

    Through our dynamic sales data management services, we help businesses streamline their data to improve the performance of their sales team. We understand that accurate sales data is important for lead management, forecasting, and strategizing campaigns. We help businesses unlock their true potential via data profiling, data quality, data integration, data enrichment, data cleansing & standardization, sales territory management, and sales channel partner data services.

Types of Data Management Services

We collaborate to make your products smarter, customer experience remarkable, your team more efficient and your projects more profitable.

Analytics & Decision Support Services

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Digital Analytics

We help businesses make data-driven decisions through our digital analytics and decision support services including digital market research, social media analytics, sentiment analytics, campaign analytics, tagging design & implementation, omnichannel analytics, and social listening. Our analytics solutions are designed to help capture high-quality data, resolve data gaps or errors, and automate reporting processes to guide decisions and actions tied to specific desired outcomes.

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Leading bank in the financial sector
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Web Product Data Extraction

Creates lighting solutions for controlled environment commercial crop production with global presence.

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The Team EnFuse services are so critical to our growth and success. The impressive support we receive has provided us with the ability to scale. Team EnFuse is extremely responsive and very pleasant to work with... Read More

Chief Administrative Officer & Senior Vice President of Products

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