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Proctoring to Improve the Online Learning Experience

As more college and university students are studying remotely, institutions of higher education need to find a secure and efficient way to supervise exams, tests, and other assessments.

Likewise, businesses need proctoring services for recruitment, assessment, and compliance. In either case, we can help you safeguard the integrity of your exams, assessments, and certifications with our comprehensive proctoring solutions.

At EnFuse, we offer reliable and secure proctoring services worldwide with our distinctive online proctoring platform that is fully customizable to meet your various assessment requirements. Our highly configurable tools and technology bring remote assessment closer to home for both students/candidates and administrators. We can rapidly deploy our AI-powered proctoring software to be seamlessly integrated with websites or browser-based applications such as learning management systems, giving you the freedom to securely administer exams online – anytime – anywhere.

Our proctoring solutions are designed and built for educational institutions, distance learning organizations, and providers of certifications and pre-employment assessments. We’re also able to enhance the candidate experience by branding our state-of-the-art online proctoring platform with corporate/university logos, colours, messaging, and more.

We Offer Both Human and Automated Proctoring Services

  • Human


    Our human-centred online proctoring service includes certified professional proctors/invigilators who assess examinations during live sessions or by reviewing recordings. This provides an extra layer of supervision to every exam while avoiding the false flagging of misconduct, which trained personnel would easily recognize as harmless. We also equip our proctors/invigilators with innovative technology making it easier for them to meticulously monitor exams, saving time and reducing the burden for administrators and test-takers. A two-way chat between test-takers and human proctors is also offered for an engaging and interactive experience.

  • Automated

    We employ AI to provide world-class automated proctoring service that delivers consistent results. With this approach, we verify test-taker identity, and continuously detect and flag suspicious activities such as multiple people in the background, mobile phone usage, etc. This process ensures the integrity of the examination and can be less intrusive than a human, in-person approach. Our unique artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms also help compile a performance report for each test-taker, handling all student/candidate data judiciously to adhere to compliance and regulatory requirements.

Types of Proctoring Services

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Record and Review Proctoring

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Our record and review proctoring service involves fully automated identity verification and session recordings that are further reviewed by trained proctors to detect any suspicious activity. Because there is no live proctor to intervene in real-time, a recording of each test-taker is assessed and reviewed by a trained proctor after the session is completed. During the review process, the proctor/invigilator will report any suspicious activity to the institute/organization with supporting evidence.

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Live Proctoring

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Live proctoring includes automation, human monitoring, and intervention. It is the most secure, advanced, and powerful solution for any online exam and prevents cheating, proxy testing, and content theft. Our highly customized and enterprise-level live proctoring application can be integrated with any app, test delivery platform, or website. Live proctoring services are best suited for higher education exams and quizzes, corporate training certifications, federal and state government regulatory exams, and pre-employment assessments. It lets administrators monitor exams and actively intervene in the event of any malicious activity or behaviors while providing one-on-one chat communication before/during the exam.

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IT Support

With the growing adoption of remote work, distance courses, and online education, having robust and reliable IT help desk support has become crucial for institutions of higher education. A combination of the right technology and exceptional support will help institutions to offer uninterrupted services for their students (to access course material anytime and anywhere) and faculty (to easily upload/edit online courses at their convenience).

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Enrollment Guidance Services

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Simplify the enrollment process for current and prospective students with our strategic enrollment guidance services. We help higher education institutions streamline the process of enrollment and help students navigate the enrollment process more seamlessly. Our strategic and optimized services help institutions quickly respond to interested students, which increases applications and ultimately enrollment without the need to hire additional staff. Students benefit from our holistic coaching to help them overcome challenges and obstacles while guiding them to make informed decisions during their college application, evaluation, and school selection process.

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